meghan: restless sleep and reckless dreams (vegetariansushi) wrote in ninjapornmonkey,
meghan: restless sleep and reckless dreams

Important Gang Business

Man. So, I know that y'all were like "well, this whole thing was your fucked up idea, so you be in charge!" But first off, laylah is the one who told me to write haiku ninja monkey porn, and second off, I'm apparently utter crap at being in charge, as I've still not the slightest clue what to do here.

Unless we just want to talk about sex all the time. And monkeys, maybe. But probably not monkeys having sex. Unless that does something for you, in which case, go you, man.

Also, it pleases me beyond measure that our gang now has seven whole members, including summerfly, to whom I have never actually spoken. I hope that she doesn't run off after seeing this post, because I'm sort of all about the inane babble tonight. or every night, really, but she doesn't need to know that yet so shut up, rest of you. honestly. you fuckin' people.

In further and more important news, there is a serious dearth of ninja monkey haiku porn related interests. Searching for ninja monkeys gives me some matches, but frankly, it seems that when it comes to ninja monkey love, I'm surrounded by stupid people. Also, searching for haiku porn, ninja monkey haiku porn, haiku ninja monkey porn, and pretty boys looking damaged gives me no matches. No matches, people! What is that?

I'm fairly certain that when I started writing this post I was getting at something, I have no idea what that "something" might have been. Whatever. Oh! Everyone needs tell deleerium how fabulous her new icon is, because it makes me laugh and laugh.

oh, fine. and if anyone has any suggestions as to what we should do with our gang, other than mock stupid people, feel free. or if anyone wants to mock. because i'm always in for a bit of mocking.
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