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I call to order the first meeting of the Big Gay Gang

Hello fellow Ninja Porn Monkeys.

I told Sushi that I would tell stories about when I worked phone sex.

I found out about the job from a friend who already worked there, so I knew what I was getting in to. It's a really good thing that I did, because at no point in the interview or even in the tour around the office was I told that it was a phone sex line. I was told the things I wasn't allowed to talk about: being underage, bestiality, necrophilia and from there I would have inferred what I was expected to talk about, but it was at no point made explicit.

After I had been there about three months, a new girl came in.

Her name was Terri, she weighed around 250 pounds and seemed like a very sweet, innocent, insecure girl. Her first night, they sat her next to me in the call room. I was supposed to show her what to do, help out if she needed it, etc.

It was a fairly slow night, so we spent some time just talking. I'm not sure if I really mentioned the whole phone sex thing, but I think she was beginning to get an inkling. However, she was not the type of girl who would have had any exposure to the seedier aspects of human sexuality.

Finally, a call was put through to her desk. I was on a call at the time, but he was a one number call (the set up was that the callers called a 900 line where they bought code numbers for $25.00 each. One number entitled the caller to three minutes on the phone with a girl. If they called the 900 number many times and wrote down the a bunch of codes before they called the switchboard they could have that many times three minutes with one of us on the phone) who just wanted breathing, no prob.

I was watching Terri's face as she answered her phone. She introduced herself in her best sexy voice, with a customer-service smile plastered across her mouth. The smile melted, she paled and began to turn green. The phone dangled from her limp hand. My call ended and I swooped up her call quickly. In a sexy contralto purr, I asked him to repeat himself.

He said " I want you to squat over my face so I can pick the shit out of your ass and eat it like candy." I gave him what he wanted, he got off and got off the phone.

I turned around to find that Terri had gone home. Poor thing,she never did come back.
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