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I here-by declare these spring revels open!

This community has lain dormant for far too long now.

In the past year Sushi and I have had multiple conversations about what we would like to see happen over here, but neither of us has ever gotten around to posting anything.

My vision is for this to be a clearing house of sexual concepts, stories, musings, poetry, what have you. Things designed to provoke a response are more than welcome. (Preferably not in an offensive manner 'though I am sure the right wing, conservative christian leadership of this country would find the whole topic offensive. Luckily, I don't mind offending them. *snerk*)

If you have something you would like to discuss, but you are too shy to post it yourself, you can email it to me at hazelannhawthorne@yahoo.com and I would be happy to post it for you annonymously. If you would like to comment on a post annonymously, go ahead. My only request is that you pick a psuedonym and sign it to all of your comments so we can keep track of the mouseies. It gets very confusing to have a thread of two or more Annie O'Mouses conversing when there is nothing to distinguish them by. *grin* Or you could set up a free puppet journal totally unconnected to your standard one and only use it here.


I just want this to be a space where everyone can feel free to discuss their innermost sexual fantasies/ experiences/ thoughts without fear of recrimination.

It is spring. The sap is rising in the trees, the bees are buzzing around the flowers, the bunnies are going at it like... well... bunnies.

Let's take this time to tell each other what gets us going.

Share a story from your past, the fail-safe fantasy you always fall back on, or that burning question you never felt quite safe asking. Anything.

The floor is open.

Let the writhing commence!
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