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OMG! I just spent what would have been a very enjoyable night being petted and stroked by a couple let's call them X and Y who I am very interested in except my child was there, as well as some others who may not have approved if things had progressed past where they did. If my kid had not been there, I probably would not have cared about the other people, (though X and Y might have). As it is, while I am very open with my kid, there are some things I don't want her to see. Watching mom get petted and cuddled is ok, watching mom start licking and sucking the people doing the petting and cuddling is not OK.


I really had to reign myself in. It almost hurt to not just lean over and lick X's neck while I was playing with her hair or suck Y's fingers while he was petting my cheek.

I am fucking dripping right now, as I have been half the night. And I'm not even on hormone overdrive yet this cycle. That won't hit 'til the middle of next week. If this isn't going to go somewhere by then I had best just not see either of them until I've past that peak. If I have to deal with this much ramp up and let down next week, I think I will explode.

At the end of the evening, when it was clear that my child was imploding under the past-bed-time pressure, I wound up in the kitchen with each of them individually. I was so tempted in both cases to just grab and kiss, or, as they were both wearing shorts, drop to my knees and start licking at the inside of the knee and work my way up as far as I could go. However, I knew I would not be able to stop if I got started.

I can't beleive how worked up I am over this. The petting and stroking were actually very tame in scope. It was the energy that floored me. It is so blatantly clear that this is going to happen but I am being greedy and impatient and having problems dealing with delayed gratification. All I want right now is to be allowed to lick the crease where X's leg meets her hip. Starting from the hip bone and working my way down *whimper*

Um... I think that is all I can say for now. I must go and write some porn. *trys not to drool on keyboard*
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