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I apologize for the upcoming descent into my biogeek nature.

My favorite ape is the Bonobo, also known as pigmy chimps.

This species of ape, Pan paniscus is a gentle, very vocal, highly social animal.

Unlike the chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes, the bonobo does not have much use for aggression.

Almost all of their social interactions are governed by sex.
Males and females copulate in the frontal position as well as in almost any position they can get themselves into.
Masturbation is common in both males and females.
Females will rub their genitals together in brief, intense interactions.
Females create long term, sexual bonds with each other and often dominate the males.
Males will push their rumps together such that their scrota rub.
If you are a bonobo, and your friend has some food you want, you offer to have sex.
If you hurt someone's feelings, sex makes them feel better.

Infanticide, very common in most primates, is almost unheard of among bonobos.

Bonobos are a very happy peaceful species. I think the uptight religious right in our species should learn a lesson from them.

Sex is fun.
Pleasure is good for you.
Sex can make you happy.

O.K. so they aren't actually monkeys, but I think the bonobo is the original PORN MONKEY.
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